A home that heals

Green-EnergyEvery day, people are closer to understanding what is wrong with life in America. Extreme air pollution. Fracking and oil spills. Massive water pollution. Unrenewable energy reliance. Hormones and antibiotic pumped “food.” All of these poison the body.

Your body is a temple. A weak body leads to a weak mind and spirit.

After going out into the world, people should come home to be still and at peace, but how can they? When their walls, furniture, carpeting, flooring, counter tops, refrigerators, food containers, clothing, lighting, etc. are in some form made  made from carcinogenic materials, if bought from a general provider, it becomes harder to live a healthy life.

After some research, Better Companies Make Better Products or “B Corporations” popped up. These companies seem to be dedicated to their promise of being health conscious.

One of the companies dedicated to better living and home is New Living, which is a Houston-based store that is all about green home design. They have artisan made furniture, non-toxic coating and paint and even organic mattresses.


2 responses to “A home that heals

  1. I agree! To live a fully healthy life it isn’t only about your mind and body, but about the things you surround yourself with and experience every day. I wonder- what are some affordable options for people to “Do It Yourself” at home? Can you recommend some paints or coatings for furniture, or any small projects we can do to add a sense of peace and eco-friendliness to our homes? Great post, as always, Nora!

    • Thank you, Erika, for your comments! I always appreciate your insight. I will definitely write some more DIY posts dedicated to healthy living. I’m also going to write some posts dedicated to minimizing waste in our daily lives.

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