Rethinking Architecture

So what does architecture have to do with green and sustainable living? EVERYTHING!

Hermes Pavillion 2011, Shigeru Ban

Hermes Pavilion 2011, Shigeru Ban

In America, trees are chopped, cement is laid, dry wall is put up, and shingles are placed along with a host of other materials to make homes.

Houses are expensive and are not made of renewable or cheap materials, and, besides chopping down trees, the land is flattened out and paved over to make the house.

Now, with homes across America foreclosing and cities going into bankruptcy, houses are left to decay and litter the Earth.

Even tearing down these homes requires lots of tools and machines while producing fumes and rubble.

So what about a home that is reusable, recyclable, inexpensive, and can be built anywhere? A home that works with the environment.

How about a home made of paper? No… you don’t think so?

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has made a global name for his humanitarian works by going to areas devastated by natural disasters and building shelters and homes for them.

Here’s his TedTalk! His works are inspiring.


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