My path to soap

soapThe story of soap is one that began as a personal journey over a year ago…

I started off as most people, unaware or not caring about the realities of regular soap and its affects on skin. With its tendency to dry and my lack of moisturizing, my skin finally gave up. I broke out in eczema. It’s embarassing and I don’t like to talk about it. Even as I type, I cringe at that word “eczema.” It’s on the sides of my fingers and right above my right elbow (oddly enough). Soap isn’t what caused my skin to finally give out (it was my daily interaction with harsh sanitizers at work), but it was what kept irritating my already sensitive skin.

My form of eczema is called Pompholyx. Now, mine is very mild compared to the google image search, but nonetheless the red, irritated bumps are there. You couldn’t normally tell…that is until I break out.

Harsh soap is the NUMBER 1 thing that causes me to break out in red, itchy bumps.

Soap that you buy in the store is filled with chemical additives and is sorely lacking in glycerin.

Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soapmaking process that is taken out because of its value (i.e. cosmetics industry). This is what natural soothes and locks in the skins moisture, and without this the skin is left dry.

Because I am a frequent hand washer, this is obviously an issue. But then came my savior…

Homemade soaps! They are natural, have no extra chemical additives, and have natural glycerin. How cool is that!

Also, I switched over to Dr. Bronner’s soap for laundry and bathing. (yes, I had to stop using tide and all those harsh soaps because they leave a residue on my clothes that is irritating to my skin.)

Got me thinking…

No wonder skin issues like eczema are common! With everything we use, we’re harming our skin, which is our first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and disease.


My condition is chronic, but I’ve been able to keep it under control. Though I can use regular hand soaps sparingly now without fear of a terrible breakout, I still bathe and launder my clothing in Dr. Bronner’s soap.


Homemade soaps are simple to make! But if you don’t have the time, a local farmer’s market would be a great place to check it out.

I, personally, have gone to Erma’s out in Seabrook, Texas, which is open Saturday mornings.


5 responses to “My path to soap

  1. Do you make your own soap? If you do, could you share the -how-to- with us? I’m glad you found a way to handle your eczema; my cousin has a severe form of it and I’ve seen how hard it can be to manage. Informative post!

    • I haven’t been able to for quite some time, unfortunately! I really need to though. I am actually in the middle of a how to. When I finally make it, I will certainly be sending you some for you and your cousin!

      Please, tell your cousin about Dr. Bronners. That is the only brand that is tried and true in my eyes. Tell her to look into cold-process, castille soaps. It can very well change her life.

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  3. I love soap and I always find myself washing my hands, too.

    I wish I would have seen a how-to section on how to make your own soap.

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