Down South, sunshine can be a commodity

Here in Houston, there is lots of sun. Maybe not as much as parts of Florida and California, but Houston definitely gets a good chunk.

Houston is also the A/C capital of the world and is one of the energy and oil/petroleum centers of the world. This is one of the largest industries in Texas!

Now, these companies do a lot of research and development to get to where they’re at. But what about solar energy?

Think about it

What if a house could be fully-powered by effective solar panels?

No electric bills (except paying off those solar panels).

No shortage of energy

Traditional methods can be used in emergencies

Store excess energy during the summer to use during the winter

Solar energy doesn’t have to be expensive, and the prices have only gotten cheaper. Of course, it’s still expensive, but that’s because no conglomerate energy company is taking it upon themselves to develop the industry for this type of product. Why? Because natural gas, coal, nuclear, and oil are all here, and they’re making a bunch of money using these sources already.

Traditional energy destroy the Earth

The title speaks for itself. Traditional means kill crops, destroy people’s livelihoods, wrecks natural ecosystems, and is directly linked to global warming.

So why not go green? What about clean, renewable energy?

Markets work like this: supply and demand. Businesses are looking out for their interests, and that is profit. If they don’t see a market for it, they aren’t going to go out on a limb to invest. It’s us, the consumers. that have to show an interest in green, clean, renewable, and ethical energy.

Check out my previous blog on how these traditional methods harm the environment through a discussion on the Keystone XL pipeline.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to what you may find.

Fighting Back?

Go to conferences, workshops, write a letter to your representative (especially here in Texas!), voice your opinion, elect officials that vote for renewable energy. Even write to CEOs of energy companies! I don’t mean send an email. I mean hand write a letter. Take 2 minutes of your time to put together a hand written (or typed) letter to mail to these people. The fact that you took your time does mean a lot. If the letters start piling in and people start talking, they will listen. Go to a city hall. Voice your opinion. Talk to them. Rally your community, your church, your neighbors.

This is your planet, too. Don’t let it turn to waste for big money.

We’ve got plenty of sun to cheer us up.

Here’s a documentary about alternative energies from the History Channel!


2 responses to “Down South, sunshine can be a commodity

  1. Great article Nora! The subject matter is extremely relevant, and your ideas are organized well. Solar energy, especially in Houston, will take a long time to become a main source. We have so much invested in the oil/petroleum industry that solar energy will almost never be instituted. However, it should and probably will make changes in our personal households. I heard that Ikea has actually started selling solar panels for homes, and they are relatively cheap. There’s a start.

  2. Nice article! The way you wrote everything and broke it up into short paragraphs is really well done. I especially like at the end where you tell what people can do who are interested in renewable energy. That was the question on my mind the entire article and then you answered it nicely. Also, I love the clean, minimalist design to your blog. It compliments the theme perfectly.

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