Sustainable Living – My Introduction

calmwaterIn this day and age, buzz words are being flung about left and right. Green, organic, fair trade, sustainable, recyclable, renewable, etc. The bottom line is this: human activity actually impacts the earth, and the earth is a reflection of its inhabitants.

Humans have an affect on the world in several ways. Waste management, architecture, and even fashion are just examples of we’ve been slowly taking advantage of the planet.

People throw almost everything away. American society is built on consumerism; Out with the old and in with the new. All this trash gets dumped in landfills. Huge mountains of trash just sitting there and will eventually seep into the ground or runoff. Sometimes they burn the trash, emitting toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Not to mention, ruining the natural ecosystem of the animals already there.

In terms of architecture, we could take a few pointers from Frank Lloyd Wright and his belief that architecture should work with the environment it is built in. But taking this idea a step further, homes can be more than physically analogous to the environment, they can be eco-friendly too. Less energy output or even made with recyclable materials! The idea of home can be reinvented to take into account the relationship between man and nature.

In the end, this is to better ourselves as a whole. We live in a time of fast-food and Wal-mart. A time where life expectancy is high, but health issues are too.

Sustainable living comes back to our’s and the planet’s health.

I’m not an Einstein. I’m someone just like you who wants to live healthy and feel human again. I have a vested interest in learning how to live and leave the smallest human footprint behind. I want to take what I’ve learned through hard-work and present it in a simple and organized way so everyone can benefit.

Living a healthier, cleaner, purer life that integrates with this age can be a struggle for many people. The hustle of life has taken people far away from the fields they used to tend. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be Amish to enjoy the simple pleasures of life again–like making your own cheese, bread, and soap from scratch. You just have to want it. Make the time. Feel that human part of you that feels connected to the world.

Since I am from Houston, Texas (Go Coogs!), I will also do a monthly post about developments in Houston and/or the state in the sustainable living “industry”! Yay! It’ll give y’all a taste of the South and at the same time connect me to other Texans and Houstonians who are interested in sustainable living too.

I hope y’all look forward to more from my blog. I’m ready.

One foot in front of the other.

GhostWriter (@KeepEarthAlive)


One response to “Sustainable Living – My Introduction

  1. Alrighty then! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this semester. I really enjoy your writing style, straight and forward. I can literally hear you speak. That’s awesome. I’m also wondering how you’re going to narrow the topic down. Pinpointing Houston sounds like a great angle. You’ve found a reader in me, so keep it up!

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